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How to create a Blogger blog and profit from it 2022 to make money online


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ways on how to make money online , we wonder how to earn money from home to Profit via the Internet and online work is one of the things that people have been searching for in the recent period greatly, as working from home has become a trend that many companies take, but you may search for achieving and earning money from the Internet in ways in which you are the business owner. There are a lot of things that You will be in front of you to make money from the Internet, including online trading, profit from YouTube, profit from electronic commerce, and other real ways to profit from the Internet, but today we will talk about the simplest of those things to earn and profit from the Internet, which is creating a blog or website.

Blogs and websites, not when you create them, you will earn money directly, but you want an advertiser who asks you to publish a product or service on a site that appears among the content of your site and takes a fee for it, as he needs to promote a product or service that he provides, that is, you will work as an advertiser and companies Advertising and advertisers target visitors on your site to attract customers and consumers to their products and services.



But you will present your site to one of the companies that acts as an intermediary between you, the publisher, and the advertiser, as it places ads on your site in a better and continuous manner, and one of the best of these companies and sites is Google Adsense, as it is the most popular among sites and it works to place appropriate and good ads that suit your content But here are conditions for accepting Google Adsense that you must fulfill in order for your blog or site to be accepted by them.

Create a Blogger blog:

Many people are looking for a website or creating a new blog and watch many, many advertisements, articles and videos on how to create blogs and websites, as there are many platforms that work on creating a blog or professional websites such as WordPress or Blogger and other platforms that work in Those images are just as good as the best, and that they're just as good as they are.




Should you care about creating a Blogger blog and profit from it?


1- How to create a Blogger blog and profit from it:

Simple and easy to use blog rules, handy in case you make it into play. To create a google account.


1- Create a Google account

Creating a Google account or creating a Gmail account is very easy. All of us, and anyone who can create a Google account, is often the most popular Google account bridge for smartphone owners to listen to Google Play services.


Steps to create a Google account:


  1. Head to the Google account login page.
  2. Post on Create an account.
  3. Fill in your information, your name and date of birth.
  4. Enter the password and confirm it.
  5. Click on the word next.
  6. Provide a phone number and verify ownership of the number.
  7. Open the next word.
  8. Verify account ownership E-mail address Code sent to mail.
  9. Click on the confirmation word, and thus you have owned the Google account.

2- Steps to create a new blog:

The steps to create a Blogger blog are very easy, as you must create an account on the Blogger platform, open an account on the blog, which is easy, and as we talked in the previous paragraph, it only requires an account on Google Email, Blogger is a simple and not complicated platform, follow these next steps, and you will have an account And a blog on Blogger in a few minutes.

Go to the blogger platform, click here.

The Blogger platform will open and the word “Create your blog” will appear on the page. This word will appear for you in the middle of the screen and at the top of the page on the left side you can click on it if you registered before and could not create a blog and if this is the first time you will click On the word "create your blog."

You can learn about some important information about the platform through the same page when you scroll down the page.
After clicking on the word “Create your blog”, you will be taken to a page asking you to log in to your Google account.

 Write your email and click on the word “Next” and then type the password.

After logging in, you will be asked to enter your name, which will display the name of the publisher on your blog. After writing your name, click Continue.
Now that you have an account on Blogger, you can create a free blog on Blogger and start publishing your articles.

After entering the platform, you will see the control panel, click on create a new blog.
After clicking on Create a new blog, a new page will pop up for you. Fill in the data, which is the name of the form, the title of the blog, and the address is the domain link for your blog, and it is free. You can buy a paid domain so that the link ends with .com instead of .blogspot.com. It is very simple, as it does not exceed $ 10, but it will add to your site many advantages that we will not be able to mention now, and in the end choose the template that looks like the site.
After filling in all the previous information, click on the word Create your blog, and thus you have a blog on the Internet.

2- Explanation of the Blogger control panel and its characteristics:

1- Posts:

Posts are all articles on your blog, whether published articles or ready-made articles that you will publish in the future.

Posts are divided into two types, published and draft:

Published posts: These are the posts that you have published on your blog, that is, the articles that appear publicly on your blog.

Draft: These are the posts that you did not publish, whether because they were not ready or working on them, or that you do not want to publish them at the present time, and these articles are saved on the platform, and no one can view these articles except you, not when you publish them.

2- Statistics:

Statistics are all information related to the number of visits, the sources of visits, the country from which the visit comes, the types of devices that use the site and their operating systems.

3- Comments:

In this section, all comments made by visitors to your blog appear and they left a comment in any article, where you can delete any comment through it.

4- Profits


A section that shows you if your blog is eligible to join Google AdSense and the AdSense account associated with your blog, and you can delete the Google AdSense account from it.


5- Pages

The Pages section is a page that is fixed on your blog. You write it once, and the most important of these pages that must be available on your blog is the privacy policy and usage agreement, who we are, and contact us. The pages have nothing to do with the content of the blog, but they are important static pages because they are the title of your blog and Google Adsense refuses Blogs and sites where the previous pages are not available.


6- Coordination


It is the template control unit that you use, and you can modify the virtual form of your blog from it, the general look of the blog, and add ad codes, blog sections, and other additions.


7- Appearance


You can choose the template you want from that section. Blogger provides many, many free templates and good and distinctive templates, but it is recommended that you add a blogger template designed by a specialist. You can get to know the top 10 blogger templates that can be used from here.


8- Settings

It is the console for your blog. You can change the name of the blog and other things.


Basic settings



The blog name can be changed or the blog description can be added and changed through it, the blog language can be changed and Google statistics code can be added to track blog statistics accurately.





You can hide or show your blog to search engines through it.


Post settings



You can change the link of your blog or add an external domain to your blog and adjust the redirection of your blog




3- Content

After creating the blog, the matter does not depend on this, because it is only the beginning. After you create the electronic blog, your real work will begin, because it is very easy to create a blog on the Internet, so with only a few clicks, you can create a blog on the Internet, but the main thing, which is the focus of the subject and the most important thing in creating The blog is the content, the content is what determines the success of your blog on the Internet, paying attention to the content and continuing to publish topics constantly and steadily is something that you should take care of because it will determine the success of your site.




The content is the publications that you provide to your audience, and you can choose the content that you will work with according to your desires, abilities, and the thing that you understand and tend to. There is a lot of content that you can work with, such as (sports, art, technology, news) and so on. But choose content in which you can add new content that distinguishes you from others, content that you can present something new in order to distinguish from others, content that you understand and can work with and publish topics about.


4- Profit from your blog


Create a Blogger blog, publish articles, and achieve good traffic numbers and a sufficient number of articles. You can apply in Google Adsense to start making a profit from your content. Here are the conditions for accepting Google Adsense, which you can learn about from here.

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