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Google Adsense

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It is a program affiliated with Google. Adsense works as an advertising program that allows owners of YouTube channels, websites and mobile applications through Ad Mob. Adsense ads are placed on their sites through it. There are two types of ads, including automatic, and it is according to the desire of the publisher and according to the template used by the publisher, but the publisher cannot control its locations. Google Adsense contracts with advertisers in advance, as it displays their ads for a fee divided by Adsense and the publisher who publishes the ad.



1- How Adsense works


Website owners register a request to obtain approval from Adsense to display ads on their websites, and there are conditions for acceptance of Google Adsense, and the company conducts a review on the site so that it can determine if the site is ready for publication and complies with the terms and policies of Google Adsense, and it takes The references are about two weeks at most, and approval or rejection comes, and the rejection has a number of reasons, and it comes in many forms of messages, such as the valuable warehouse is not available, the site is down, or violations of Adsense policies and other reasons. If the site is approved, the site builder can display Ads on the site are live after approval, and the publisher obtains a JavaScript code that places it in the place where the advertisement is intended.



2- Types of ads provided by Google Adsense



Text ads


Sponsored links or text ads are one of the simplest types of ads with Google Adsense that can be placed on websites, and they consist of an address that is a clickable link to the advertiser that directs the user to the advertiser’s page (the owner of the advertisement), this type of ads consists of one or two lines describing It shows the advertised product, page, or service, along with a web address that is displayed in the color specified by the owner of the advertised web from Google Adsense settings.



Image ads


Image ads are often displayed at the top of the web or page, either on the sides or in the middle. There are more than 15 settings and options for the format that can be chosen for ads that you control from the web and Adsense settings, and it can be made horizontal, vertical, square, or responsive Google Adsense determines it according to the type of device used by the visitor and displays the appropriate size for him.

Enable display ads in the Ads section, or set a specific preference for the entire account.






rich media





Interactive ads that consist of animated gif images and videos, html, are among the most attention-grabbing ads to the visitor as they require action from the visitor, but one of its defects may affect the user (visitor) experience when it is used continuously and always.




3- How many ads can be displayed on a page?


There are two types of ads that you use on your web, automatic ads, ads according to the ad unit, automatic ads cannot change their locations as much as they can be limited only and often they are 4 ads, where you put the code or the code that Google Adsense gives you to put inside the template (Appearance) between the <head></head> tags on your website, and ads according to ad units. You control their number, shapes, and size. It is preferable to use only 3 ads within the page (article) and one ad on the home page at the top of the page. You will enter your ads in Google Adsense and choose according to the ad units "it differs from one user to another". You form the ad as you like and take the ad's JavaScript and put it inside the designated place in which you want the ad to appear from the layout. Too many ads lead to heaviness. Loading your blog or website, which leads to a bad user experience and decreases the time spent on your site, which leads to a decline in the ranking of your site with Google.




4- Where can you place your ads?


Place ads where they can be seen, the best and most placement, and it must contain an advertisement that is at the top of the page where the visitor will definitely see it even if he will not stay much on the site, so the general rule is to place ads where it can be seen by visitors, so that it does not violate the policies and conditions Google Adsense .


5- How do you place Google Adsense ads?


As we talked about above, there are two types of ads, one is automatic, and the other is according to the ad unit. Google partners can choose the type of advertising they want to display on the web, not just selection, and also the dimensions, images, and color in which the text is displayed, and from the completion of these settings Adsense gives you JavaScript to place it in the place you want to display the advertisement within the site. This privilege allows you to add content that matches the personal preferences of your typical customer only.

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